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Pittsburgh Pain Relief - The Courtney Medical Group - ECP TherapyExternal counter pulsation (ECP) is a procedure developed by the conventional cardiology community for use by cardiologists in cases of advanced heart and blood vessel disease. We were the first to offer ECP in the Pittsburgh area and have recently upgraded our center with an additional ECP unit. This has opened up additional treatment slots that correspond better to our patients available time.

Since ECP has been a part of our overall cardiovascular arsenal there has been no other component in our program that has produced more rapid and startling changes than has ECP. Chest pains that have disappeared, alzheimers patients that have awakened to become alert once again. All of these types of surprises have now become expected outcomes by our patients and staff. Come in to see this device and talk to those who have participated in our ECP Program. Don't forget ECP is FDA approved and covered by your insurance.