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In the 1970's Dr. Hal Huggins was the first to inform us of the dangers of dentistry and the role that dentistry plays in our future diseases. The culprits identified by Dr. Huggins as having a great potential for harm documented in his books are:

  • Silver Fillings (Amalgams)
  • Root Canals
  • Previously Extracted Teeth

The work of Dr. Huggins is permeating the public awareness especially now in this internet generation where information can no longer be suppressed. Add to this the public's yearning to live healthy an longer with life experiences extended well into the decade or their 80's.

This of course makes it more incredulous and unavoidably embarrassing when the ADA (American Dental Association) in colusion with the FDA continues to insist that the above practices are safe when to the most casual observer such explanations can't pass the smell test for truth and accuracy. Couple this with other Federal
Agencies such as OSHA and EPA that continue to tell industry and agriculture how deadly a substance mercury really is. Just knowing that those silver fillings in your mouth are at least 51% mercury and that this deadly substance leeches out of the filling now in your mouth from the first day that they are placed into their lifelong resting place in one of your teeth. Such toxicity permeating the body obviously can and does have health consequences. The issue really becomes not if we will be affected, but only the magnitude that those effects be manifested.

The good news is that it can be objectively shown to what degree you should be concerned about your dental issues. You also can correct each of the dental lesions that may be causing you a health problem. Unfortunately however this will not be able to be done by your "friendly" dentist. There are qualified dentists trained in the correcting your dental health concerns safely.

We have personel trained by Dr. Huggins himself in order to be able to offer you the ability to have that work done here in the our Bridgeville office. To discuss your dental issues further come in to see us soon so that we can talk about it.