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What started in the 1950's as a rescue attempt for stricken naval shipyard workers overcome with lead poisoning by spraying lead based paint on large naval vessel turned into much more than the doctors intended. Yes the ill workers did have their lead toxicity effectively addressed. In addition to this however it was observed that many workers who had co-existing heart and blood vessel disease manifested in things like high blood pressure, chest pain, and heart failure were also obtaining substantial improvement from these problems as well.

Even though many investigators during the project were not interested in these cardiovascular benefits others involved did take note. The pioneers of Chelation Therapy, as the practice of removing heavy metals is called, did take notice however and it was that aspect that they then began to test in their own practices. Over time it became clear to them that great benefit for cardiovascular disease was possible.

Since those meager beginnings chelation therapy has progressed steadily. It can be found in virtually every city in the country by an enlightened group of physicians that recognize the important benefits of the procedure. Once only an IV treatment lasting 3 hours chelation can now be administered orally making it as convienient as taking a vitamin or other medication. Come in to discuss your own health issues now so that you can begin to experience the benefits of chelation immediately.