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Heart and blood vessel disease and how we protect ourselves from it will in large part determine the quality of life that we can expect to live. Contrary to what we may have been led to believe there are a number of options available to you that have a major impact on Cardiovascular Disease. You just haven't heard about most of them from your doctor. Chances are real good that he hasn't heard about them either. It's time that you learn about them and take charge of your health. Our Protocol has helped many patients "Take Control" of their cardiovascular status and objectively improve that status to levels that often times astound their family doctors.

In order to have you commit to appreciate what our program is all about let me briefly describe what is IS NOT. It is assumed and correctly so that the following are all good, positive, steps for you to take:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Exercise Daily
  • Control Diet
  • Watch you cholesterol
  • Control you blood pressure

The above list for the most part describes the conventional medical advice that each of us has heard at one time or another. The items that I now list for you are additional items that haven't appeared on any list, but that all patients in our program come to understand are within their control.

The New list contains the following:
  • All patients get a full work-up performed by a board certified cardiologist and include full history assessment, physical exam, ekg, echocardiogram, doppler studies for the head, groin, and legs. Blood tests and follow-up care on an ongoing basis.

  • Each patient will receive blood analysis of 8 items that are found in their blood and that are known to damage arteries and lead to plaque formation.

  • If any of the 8 blood tests are abnormal you will be given instruction in how to correct the abnormality without the use of drugs.

  • All patients are given the opportunity to remove heavy metals and reduce plaque formation in the arteries. The treatment is known as Chelation Therapy, a procedure with a long history of improving bloodflow throughout the body. It is a procedure that is extremely safe as long as it is correctly monitored.

  • Patients will be recommended to consider a medical procedure developed by conventional cardiology and approved by the FDA. It is also reimbursed by insurance companies. This procedure is called ECP (External Counter Pulsation) it has been available in our center over the last 5 years.

  • Correcting coagulation factors in the blood is also of importance for the long range protection of our patients. There are two therapeutic approaches that can and should be employed simultaneously and without the use of drugs. One approach forms a layer of slime around the plateletes while the other breaks up clots that are already formed.

Come into see us in the office for an appointment where we can discuss the specifics of this very thorough heart and blood vessel program.