Center for Pain Relief, Chronic Pain, Alternative Therapy, Cancer Center, Weight Loss

The Courtney Medical “Group” refers to a unique set of therapies that are rarely found but offer advantages over the more conventional treatment approaches that they are meant to replace. In all cases these treatment programs are non-toxic and do not rely upon pharmaceutical prescriptions most of which have the potential to produce side effects and complications that can and should be avoided. It is with great pride that this “group” of therapies are brought to you and in most cases represent the ability to actually correct a medical problem as opposed to suppressing symptoms with drugs that are associated with that disorder. We continue to evaluate new and promising treatment protocols as they become available. Our patients have come to expect that the most promising therapies will be identified, assessed, and included in what we offer at “The Courtney Medical Group”.

In what we are sure will be an unique experience in your health care we are pleased that you have taken the time to find out more about us. You have become frustrated & bewildered with your current conventional medical management. So little time to spend with your doctor. No real opportunity to have a dialogue where you get ample opportunity to ask questions and feel that the answers to the questions are lengthy enough to give you the clarity to allow you to understand. All of this confusion continues to mount up and so does the list of medications that you are taking. To top it all off you don't feel well in fact you may feel lousy.

We have been managing the health concerns of many patients for well over a decade. Our treatment approaches are safe and very effective. We specialize in the newest evidence based protocols for a full spectrum of health care problems ranging from the most common diseases to those that are abnormally rare.

If you are new to the non-toxic therapies used in the center you will quickly become an advocate. If you have been enjoying natural health approaches for you and your family already we would like your comments and suggestions.